Grappa Riserva Brunello Castello Romitorio

Gran Cru

Grappa Riserva Brunello Castello Romitorio

Grappa Riserva Brunello Castello Romitorio Gran Cru combines the vocation of making Tuscan wine with the art of distilling Trentino from Villa de Varda. A unique method, which involves agging of the grappa in the same barrels as Brunello from the Castello di Romitorio di Montalcino canteen. Thus is born a refined grape, a journey through the best aromas of Italian wine lands.


40% vol.


18°-20° C


70 cl


Grappa Riserva and Brunello? It’s Gran Cru

In appearance it has a strong and clear color, while in the fragrance it reveals a host of essences of abundant and inclusive perfumes. Brunello Castello Romitorio Gran Cru’s Grappa riserva has a long flavor, characterized by authoritative and rich floral aromas. Like all graps on the Gran Cru line, Brunello Riserva is packaged in an elegant wooden box.

GRAPE: Sangiovese

COLOR: clear, intense, with deep golden reflections.

AROMA: abundant, strong, soft, pleasant, brilliant, elegant, with a range of sensational aromas, sensations of vanilla, coffee, amaretos, cocoa and fruit aromas.

TASTE: very soft and elegant, inclusive, long, rich, soft, with a bouquet of aromatic flowers, it reminds you of the perceptions of perfumes.