Selezione Mauro Dolzan

Grape variety: 60% Pinot Nero, 40 % Teroldego
Appearance: intense amber, tending towards golden yellow.
Taste: exceptionally rich aroma, fine, elegant, well rounded, long-lasting, sensual, rich, splendid bouquet with fruity, flowery, toasted and vanilla hints.


Top Selection

Appearance: intense amber, with dark gold reflections.
Nose: excellent aromatic richness and sensational fineness,
pleasingly characterized by hints of raisins, with toasted hazelnut notes, cocoa, coffee, macaroon, vanilla and yeast. 

Vila de Varda

The de Varda method

The de Varda method is much more than a production system; it is above all a working philosophy. It is also a set of rules and procedures that in each phase precisely dictates the processes to enhance the most noble part of the grape.

Everything starts from careful work in the countryside during the growing season of the vine, followed by the rigid selection of the most ripe and fresh pomace, which are softly pressed in the cellar still dripping with wine. Distillation is the heart of the process: it is made up of a mix of several techniques (discontinuous steam and water bath) and refrigerates the grape at 11 degrees below zero to completely stop the aggressive fatty impurities of the grape seed. In this way a more balanced, harmonious, soft and digestible grape is obtained. The aging of the grape takes place with advanced techniques described by the de Varda production protocol, which defines the activities of the cooper master, the qualities of the fine woods, the ways and times of toasting and the splitting systems of each individual plank. In the barrel cellar, the climatic and humidity conditions allow the perfect and controlled ripening of the grape. It is a slow process, which gives light to refined products for the most discerning and demanding fans from all over the world. Laboratory analyzes and tastings conducted by the Dolzan family complete the work, ensuring an always high quality standard.

1. Choice of raw material

2. Distillation

3. Aging

Flavors of the tradition

Villa de Varda is a prestigious Trentino company who has produced fine quality products for over 5 generations, has created the brand CASA TAIT, the maternal surname of the family, to expand and to enhance this valuable patrimony of passion, love and culture nurtured over time.    CASA TAIT promotes a line of confectionery products with personalized and antique recipes of excellent homemade quality, placing meticulous attention in choosing the finest ingredients and pastry chefs.   Every dessert is coupled with an excellent Grappa, as is the custom in the Trentino tradition, a refined and rich union of personality, smoothness and fragrance.

Grappa Villa de Varda cream center

A praline with a dark Chocolate shell, characterised and enriched with a delicate and soft cream filling of Grappa Riserva Villa de Varda. It is a refined union rich in personality due to the carefully selected ingredients and the excellent craftsmanship.

Grappa Riserva Villa de Varda cream filling

An excellent Panettone made from delicate and soft dough with raisins and a smooth Grappa Riserva Villa de Varda cream filling. The mixture of these hand-selected ingredients have created a fascinating and captivating taste.