Gran Cuvee Stravecchia Sclave – Grappa Riserva

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Gran Cuvee Stravecchia Sclave – Grappa Riserva

Crowned with the gold medal Best Gold. This grape, from the High Selection line of Villa de Varda, could not have received a more reasonable price, since at first glance, the grape appears golden and attractive. From the best selection of Müller Thurgau and Moscato del Trentino vineyards, this old grappa is packaged in a special confection, accompanied by a technical sheet and the signature of distillery master Luigi Dolzan.


40% vol.


20° C


70 cl


Gran Cuvée Stravecchia Sclave – Tasting Guide

This grape comes from very selected and seasoned varieties for a long time in wooden barrels. Strong, clear, soft and elegant aroma is an invitation to enjoy the harmonious and floral taste, of a great aromatic richness.

VARIETY: Moscato, Müller Thurgau.

COLOR: clear, intense, with a yellow to golden tendency, inviting.

AROMA: with high kindness and elegance, warm, seductive, strong, excellent, with sensation of ripe white grapes, plums, apricots, morello cherry, characterized by vanilla, coffee, amaretto, cocoa, pistachio and fruit.

SHIJA: particularly refined and delicate, harmonious, balanced, Viennese, sincere, floral, soft, with a pleasant coloring of spices, walnut shells, almonds, honey, with a great aromatic richness.