Grappa Prosecco Riserva

Le Riserve

Prosecco is increasingly in demand, and finds in aging an ally that makes it more preferred and pleasant over the time.


40% vol.


18° C


70 cl


Grappa Prosecco Riserva, when you enjoy it

Grappa Prosecco Riserva is great to enjoy throughout the meal and as a base for cocktails.

GRAPE: Glera
COLOR: Strong amber, with a golden yellow tendency.
AROMA: intense, rich, very pleasant, warm, delicate, seductive, fruity with apple, pear, pineapple, floral shades, rich in nuts, almonds, vanilla, walnuts and bread.
TASTE: pleasant, harmonious, friendly, gentle, excellent, with a great aromatic richness and softness, reflects the perceptions of smell.