Grappa Müller Thurgau Riserva

Le Riserve

Grappa Müller Thurgau Riserva

Grappa Müller Thurgau Riserva comes from particularly valuable vineyards in the Cembra Valley, an area with a fantastic landscape and captivating beauty.


40% vol.


18° C


70 cl


An aromatic grape

Müller Thurgau’s brilliantly fragrant grape gives life to a golden ideal for enology and distillation.

COLOR: Strong amber, with a golden yellow tendency.

AROMA: Intense, vibrant and complex, with aromas of spices, saffron, broccoli, a great concert of sensations in which ripe fruits, berries, apricots, cherries, vanilla and nuts are distinguished.

TASTE: soft, persistent, elegant, warm, with sensations of flowers, fruits and nuts, cocoa, coffee, with a great aromatic richness.