Grappa Moscato Riserva

Le Riserve

Grappa Moscato Riserva

Moscato Riserva is perfectly soft and fragrant, rare and wanted by lovers of gentle spirits.


40% vol.


18° C


70 cl


A fragrant variety

The grape muscat type, abundant in flavor and texture, gives us this soft and precious grape.

COLOR: Strong amber, with a golden yellow tendency.

AROMA: aristocratic, surrounding, petite, warm, delicate, harmonious, glamorous, with obvious allusions of fruits of grape origin, exotic fruits, pineapples, very ripe citrus and soft apples, rich in nuts, lily of the valley , acacia, wisteria and rosemary.

TASTE: particularly soft, sweet, pleasant, fine, with a great variety of aromatic, balsamic and baked sensations.